Sunday, 10 April 2011

Fitrah Dan Karektor

All male animals, insects, birds, fishes and even the male trees have their own character.

2. Male animals appeared with more higher and longer horns, thicker fur and more attractive appearance than the female animals. Male birds and male chicken ( roosters) have a distinctive cockscomb ( balung) and beak (paruh), and also colourful feathers.

3. In conclusion, the male character was created to be more stylish looks.

4. Allah tells us to look at all of His creation for us to think and learn.

5. Indeed, the nature of a man is similar character as animals and birds, whereby muslimat have 'the term & conditions to decorate' themselves.

6. The actual purpose of covering 'the aurat' is to cover the views of a man against her. So a woman must do and find the 'locked down'! ( AnNur:31)

7. If your "cockscomb's and horn's" more higher, and more colourful clothes and multi-colour of face, means that you are AGAINST the nature of a woman!! Syaitans circulating in our blood vessels ( AnNur:21)

8. 'Coloured' your self and 'looked versatile' for your real husband ( the only), and not for the 'false husband'!

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